Attorney Marketing Tips

The legal sector has always relied on the word-of-mouth marketing strategy to bring in work. The embrace of traditional lawyer marketing stems from the ethical consideration that active solicitation of business degrades the profession and hurts lawyers’ moral ascendency over their clients.
However, the growth of the legal sector made the legal marketplace more competitive. As a result, it required lawyers and firms to be more visible to their potential clients to stay afloat.
Moreover, the advent of emerging online platforms and social media offers many opportunities to adopt online marketing for lawyers. However, how can we engage legal internet marketing without crossing the line?

Attorney Online Marketing: Tips to Stay Professional

Online Marketing Tips - The Marketer Attorney

The ethical standard of lawyer online marketing should be based on the following tips:
1. The advertisement should not contain any misleading or false claims.
First, it is best to engage in marketing efforts that will not lead your target audience to false assumptions and unrealistic expectations. Instead, use verifiable facts and add disclaimers to keep the client’s expectations in check.
2. Avoid online publishing clients’ case information.
The attorney-client relationship is one that’s based on trust. Therefore, client experience should only be published if allowed, to avoid breaching the clients’ privacy.

3. Refrain from making comparative statements in your internet lawyer marketing platform.
Pitting firms against another firm is not an excellent way to gain good clients. Additionally, this kind of marketing to attorneys may backfire.
It can give the lawyer and the firm an off-putting image of being desperate for clients. It may also cause legal troubles as comparative marketing often includes degrading or making false claims against a competitor’s value.

Digital Marketing for lawyers

Aside from considering the ethical side of online marketing for lawyers, here are the best practices and strategies to be adopted to make it effective.
1. Email marketing
Email marketing is one the easiest ways to reach potential customers to achieve your business goals. Thanks to technology like mobile phones and advanced telecommunication, almost all people spend a healthy amount of time checking their emails every day.
This makes marketing via email an excellent channel to acquire, engage, and retain customers. Unfortunately, lawyers are usually busy handling the caseload, making them have little time to attract new clients.
As a result, it will be difficult for the firm or the lawyer to find new leads and new cases. Email marketing is an excellent marketing strategy for lawyers as it is not time-consuming and easy to maintain.
2. Website or microsite
A simple landing page or microsite to promote your primary services will serve as your online presence anchor in different social media platforms and specific locations. It may contain individual attorney bios, firms’ contact information, a list of legal services offered.
Website marketing for attorneys will help the business’s visibility in the locality through appropriate content and SEO marketing.

3. Educational Blogs / Vlogs
This type of lawyer web marketing takes advantage of the audiences’ tendency to self-help. People would often search for a legal basis for their possible legal disputes before consulting an attorney or a legal professional.
Offering free simple online legal advice through blogs, vlogs, and forums will create considerable exposure for your services and your firm. In addition, it can be a venue to showcase the firm’s expertise, competence, and efforts to ensure that the firm positively impacts society.