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Email marketing is an e-marketing service that offers one of the highest Returns on Investment rates. However, some firms are still skeptical about the actual potential email marketing services can have on their businesses.
The effectiveness of email marketing is derived from the delivery of emails that are carefully written to deliver information and educate audiences while still being engaging to the right audience and at the right time.



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What Are Email Marketing Services?

Email marketing has the highest Return on Investment of all the marketing tools. For every $1 spent on email marketing, you will expect a return of $48 – that is 48 times your initial investment.
Email marketing is a budget-friendly way to promote your services effectively. Moreover, with the ever-rising use of emails, this is an indispensable tool in marketing to attorneys.

Email Marketing for Lawyers

Lawyers can market their services through their law firms. There is a good number of companies that offer law firm marketing services. In addition, it is a standard practice for most law firms to stay in touch with their clients through emails regularly.
On the other hand, email marketing uses well-thought-out and organized automated email services to reach prospective and existing clients.
Therefore, it requires three critical steps to set the wheel on lawyer email marketing rolling. You will need to:
1. Create an email list of the potential clients and existing ones. You will need to grow the number of your subscribers.
You can offer free content that is designed to answer your clients’ questions. This free content is exchanged for their contact details. The trick is someone has to sign up to your platform before accessing the information they need, e.g., a newsletter.
2. Create captivating content. Your content in the form of blogs and newsletters should be designed to make your prospective clients want to hear more from you. It is an opportunity for you to show your expertise.
Email newsletter services offer a long-term plan that builds trust and generates leads. Lawyers should have a complete understanding of what content to put in their newsletters.
3. Acquire the right software. You will require the appropriate software to make automated email service much simpler and efficient.
The software that you intend to use for your email marketing campaign should:
● Keep the list of your contacts
● Provide you with templates that you can use to create your emails
● Provide email blast services to reach your entire contact list
● Automatically send basic emails
● Be able to track your progress
Some commonly used email mail legal service marketing apps include:
● Mailchimp
● AWeber
● Constant Contact
● Campaign Monitor
● Hubspot
All of the above apps provide a user-friendly interface and are relatively simple to use.

Communication with clients is what holds a business together. Good communication retains existing clients and attracts prospects. Email marketing can help to cash in on once lost business.
Starting email marketing can be difficult at first. Still, you can seek the assistance of email marketing firms to save you time. The Marketer Attorney is one such company that can set up your system for you in time.
The fact is that email marketing is a cost-effective tool to grow and maintain your clients and consequently expand your law practice.