Video Marketing for Lawyers

Video is the new trend in the field of content display, YouTube, webinars, workshops, and many more. Video content creation has become customary in the current world and the legal industry is no exception. Generally, video marketing can give your law firm a competitive edge and significantly increase your revenue.
This article is a guide on video marketing for lawyers and it is going to provide actionable tips for producing great video content to attract clients in the legal practice.

Importance of Marketing with Video for Lawyers

Lawyer video marketing has specified positive impacts and has proven to be an effective marketing strategy. Video marketing is an easy way to educate and reaches out to potential clients in different places of the world with less effort.
It is relatively cheaper to engage in video marketing through social networks. Also, employing a video marketing strategy in the legal practice helps in brand creation as it is common for people to be intrigued by videos, and they find them more accessible as part of their research.
Most people find it easier to procure information from the firms’ videos, hence attracting more traffic. Consequently, video marketing can help improve SEO for your website.


Videos for Lawyers - The Marketer AttorneyHow to Create the Best Attorney Videos?

As a lawyer, you may be good at persuading but probably not good at creating impressive and engaging legal videos. The barriers to getting a start have become very minimal since getting high-quality video is now more affordable than before.
Here are some techniques to help you create the best attorney videos:
1. Perform a Keyword Research
First, you need to know your audience to come up with the best video marketing strategy for them. Performing keyword research will help you know who your clients are likely to be and what they are searching for. With this information, it will be easier to create law firm video content that can appeal to them.
2. Include High-Quality Script
Once you understand your target audience, come up with a script that includes the general points you intend to cover in the video. Determine how you want your video content to be depending on your target audience. Do you want your firm video to be serious, educational, or informative? Or do you want to create funny lawyer videos?
Overall, when it comes to attorney video marketing, make sure that it meets the needs of your audience. Also, keep the sentences short and conversational, and don’t forget to keep timing in mind. People are unlikely to watch longer videos.
3. Compatibility with Various Social Media Platforms
If you want to do marketing with video, make sure that it can be adapted to various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and more. Since each platform has its best practices and video hosting rules, you should make sure that your video content is designed for them.
4. Include Customer Testimonial Videos
Case study videos of clients you have worked with before can help build trust for your law firm. Therefore, be sure to include testimonial videos to create emotional connections with prospective clients.


More than 70 percent of potential clients are watching more videos every upcoming year. Today, most people prefer to watch video content compared to reading a text. Therefore, if they are not watching your videos, they are probably watching a competing law firm’s video.
Consider using video maker platforms or hire an advanced marketing agency to produce appealing videos for your law firm.